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An invitation to recognise the Truth of your self, who you are and have always been.
As you are already This there is no need for any effort or "getting there",
just the simple recognition of That in which everything appears.
The only moment you can know This is now.
To know This is wisdom, peace, and freedom.
We all seem to have automatic, unconscious patterns that play and cause difficulty for ourselves and those around us, especially those that are closest to us.
This is an invitation to live in a way that is beautiful to you and all around you.
To live like this is an expression of unconditional love in which there is a savouring of this moment`s experience as the beloved.
This invitation is facilitated through gentle, direct enquiry.



For most people, our focus of attention is on our experience, with an ongoing activity of measuring and evaluating it. This manifests as trying to fix, change, get rid of and waiting for a better experience and is experienced as suffering.
Deeply resting as THAT which is beyond all experience, in which all experience appears and savouring our experience as the Beloved changes everything.

Isaac on Facebook 28 August 2013